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I review my new 2020 Lexus NX 300t. This the Base Model (not an F-Sport) with the optional Comfort Package, Intuitive Park Assist, Power Rear Door and Kick Sensor, Power Tilt & Slide Moonroof, Illuminated Door Sills, and Cargo mat/net.

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  1. Chris, Lexus have an enviable reputation for reliability here in the U.K. I almost purchased a IS250 saloon from the local Lexus dealership at Derby. Decided to test drive a VW Golf at the same time that I was looking to change cars, and actually ended up buying a VW Golf R. I did add a few options to the base car (sunroof, adaptive suspension, reversing camera, leather interior, upgraded SatNav) this increased the car ‘on the road’ price to just under £39,000. No regrets to be honest as the Golf is a great car with fantastic performance. Enjoy your new car!

  2. Nice review Cruiseman. I like the revised grill from Toyota and Lexus, I think it's an improvement in styling. Lexus seems to have some nice Leasing promotions currently. We've never been leasing candidates in the past but work from home changes due to Covid may make leasing more appealing for many buyers. What is the standard warranty from Lexus?

  3. WHAT? It is a nice car, but Chris, the community is waiting for the wiring video and probably the video about alarm systems for the Goldwing 2018+………….
    By the way: gratulations to your new car and save ridings!

  4. We had a 2000 GS300 and it was one of the best cars I’ve owned. We put 175k miles and it never left us stranded. My wife is a realtor and wanted an SUV so she bought the Acura RDX. It’s nice but I still prefer a Lexus

  5. We bought about 5 weeks ago. Same color only with Rioja Red interior. Love the car. I was disappointed with no seat memory as well. That's about the only thing I really wish it did have. Rides great and runs as expected a Lexus should. The engine is just about perfect for the size of the vehicle.


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